The Future of Sharing


Bisecu scooter sharing module is the most advanced Micro-mobility sharing solution. It has a fleet management solution with user-friendly UI and modern, high-end design.

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It overcomes the previous limitation, which only can check the service availability of scooters via QR code.
Bisecu scooter sharing module shows fleet condition with its RGB LED and easily can be checked its condition from every direction, even in the distance.

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Bisecu scooter sharing module has an E-ink display which is fully sunlight readable. 
It displays QR code before its service and it provides helpful information, such as distance, fee during its ride.

E-ink Display

Bisecu implements invalid-return prevention technology with embedded sensors and data analytics algorithms. It detects bike's unauthorized area riding, indoor parking and collapse. This solution monitors improper returns then inactivate it automatically. It helps increase the scooter management system and maximize profitability.

Invalid-Return Prevention

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Bisecu scooter sharing module makes easier bike rental and return service via QR code and embedded NFC as well.

NFC Tagging