Frequently Asked Questions

Bisecu Lock & Unlock

Will Bisecu lock while I am riding?

Bisecu constantly checks movement with multiple sensors (gyrosensor, 2 accelerometers, and speedometer). If any of them senses even the smallest movement Bisecu cannot be locked.

How do I lock Bisecu?

There are 3 options to lock Bisecu. First, you may lock it through the Bisecu app. Secondly, put your Bisecu in automatic mode. It will be locked simply as you walk away from the bike. Lastly, you can lock Bisecu manually.

How do I unlock Bisecu?

There are also 3 options to unlock Bisecu. First, you may unlock it through the Bisecu app. Secondly, put your Bisecu in automatic mode. It will be unlocked as you approach. Lastly, you can unlock bisecu manually.

Bisecu Features

How strong is the lock?

The locking pin is made of special iron and the outer cast is made with solid aluminum alloy.

How many colors does LED support?

The LED supports 4 different colors (green, yellow, blue, red) that react according to the status of bisecu.

Does Bisecu come out in 2 colors only?

Yes, Bisecu comes in Black and Silver.

Is the alarm mutable?

Yes, you can set the alarm to mute on the App. Follow the screenshots.

Can I change the auto locking distance?

Yes, change the auto locking distance by following the screenshots.

Can I change the theft sensitivity?

Yes, change the sensitivity by following the screenshots.

What kind of data does Bisecu provide?

Accurate real-time riding data such as speed, distance, time and calories burnt.

What is the distance of the Bluetooth connectivity?

Approximately 30 meters (100 feet).

May I change the alarm sound?

No, the alarm sound is not changeable.

How can I change the PIN code?

You can reset the password through the Bisecu app (My Bisecu > My Device > Change Pin code) follow the following screenshots.

Is Bisecu water resistant?

Yes, it is water resistant, but we don't recommend to take Bisecu for a swim

Does Bisecu support a location tracking function?

No, Bisecu does not have a tracking function.

How long does the battery last?

Bisecu battery lasts 6 months with a single 2-hour charge.

How loud is the theft alarm?

It makes 100 dB noise if bisecu senses motion in the locked state.

Does Bisecu affect riding performance?

Bisecu is the lightest smart bike lock and it only weighs 355g (0.78 lb). It barely affects your riding performance.

Does Bisecu charge itself while I am riding?

No, Bisecu does not charge itself during the ride. You can only charge it through the micro-USB port.

My phone does not recognize Bisecu. What should I do?

First, update your Bisecu app to the latest version. If your smartphone still does not recognize Bisecu, remove the App from your phone then install it again. Send us an email at if the same issue repeats.

Bisecu App

Does the Bisecu app support platforms other than Android or iOS?

No, currently we only support Android and iOS.

How do I pair Bisecu with my smartphone?

Keep your Bluetooth on and follow the paring guide instructions. Here is a pairing video.

How do I update my firmware on Bisecu?

Keep a close distance between your smartphone and bisecu and press the firmware update button. Note that Bisecu battery must be above 50% to update the firmware.

How can I share a Bisecu-installed bicycle with others?

First, the person who wants to borrow Bisecu must install the Bisecu app in order to use the sharing function. Then, tap the "Share request" button in the setup page in the app, pick the device. Once the original master of the device confirms the request, the borrower may use it freely.

How can I reset my Bisecu?

Your Bisecu must be in the unlocked state. In order to reset your Bisecu, go to My Bisecu > My Device > Reset Bisecu. You will be able to reset through these steps.

Can I use the App on the pc, tablet or smartwatch?

No, you cannot use Bisecu with other smart devices except smartphones.

Bisecu Customer Service

Where can I get the customer service?

Please send an email to if you have any issue or questions with Bisecu.

How long is Bisecu's warranty?

Bisecu warranty is valid for 1 year after the purchase.

Other Questions

How many languages does Bisecu support?

Bisecu currently supports only English.

Does Bisecu work with E-bikes?

Yes, Bisecu can be installed on E-bike but please check our fitting guide ( to see compatibleness with your e-bike. Send us an email to for more information.

Can Bisecu only be installed on bicycles?

Yes, Bisecu is only compatible with bicycles.

What happens if someone tries to take the front wheel off?

Bisecu protects your front wheel of the bike when it is installed. The cap on Bisecu cannot be removed when the device is in the locked state. Without removing the cap, the front wheel cannot be detached. You need to unlock Bisecu in advance in order to take the front wheel off.

Can Bisecu only be installed on the front wheel?

Yes, Bisecu cannot be installed on the rear wheel, because of the cranks and chain.

Where on the bike do I install Bisecu?

Bisecu can be installed on either side of the front wheel. But, we would recommend you to install it on the right side of the front wheel.

How do I install Bisecu?

Please check the Bisecu installation guide from the Quick Start Guide in the box or the video below.

How do I charge Bisecu?

There is a micro-USB port next to the button on top of Bisecu.

How long does it take to charge Bisecu?

It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the battery.

The cap on bisecu is not moving. What to do?

You can only move the cap when Bisecu is in the unlocked state. Use both hands and turn the cap counter-clockwise to remove the cap.

I lost the cap. May I order the cap separately?

We do not sell peripheral components of Bisecu Smart Bike Lock officially. If you experience issues with components please send an email to

Will Bisecu fit my bicycle?

Please check the or send an email to with the photo of your front wheel and the model number of your bike.

What happens if my phone battery dies or I lose my phone while my bike is locked?

You can manually unlock with your PIN code by pressing the button on Bisecu.

How do I know if I need to charge bisecu?

You may check the battery status via the Bisecu app. You will also receive low battery notifications at 20 percent.

What are the parts that come in the Bisecu package?

There are multiple components to mount Bisecu on the bike. Bisecu main body (x1), Main disk (x1), Sub disks (x2), Disk spacer (x1), Axle wrench (x1), Axle set (x1), Micro USB cable (x1), Washer (x4), Short disk bolts (x12) and Long disk bolts (x12) are included in the package.

How long does it take to install Bisecu?

It takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes to install Bisecu on the bike.

After installing Bisecu it interferes with the hub of the bike what should I do?

In this case, use the provided washer to adjust the gap between the hub and Bisecu.

After installing Bisecu, the hub is too far from bisecu. What should I do?

In this case, use the provided disk spacer to generate space to adjust the gap between the hub and Bisecu.

For any other questions or issues, please do not hesitate to send us an email to